Leadership Development Grant Application for the 2018 Churchwide Gathering

A limited number of leadership development grants are available to help with Gathering costs. These nontransferable, reimbursable grants will cover up to $500 in Gathering registration, housing and/or travel expenses. The deadline for applying has been extended to May 1, 2018, but early application is encouraged!

Download a leadership development grant application for the 2018 Churchwide Gathering.

The fine print: This nontransferable grant, in the maximum amount of $500, payable after receipt in the PW national office of paid receipts for approved, related and incurred in the PC(USA) and who want to participate in the 2018 Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women in the PC(USA), Inc. for personal leadership development. If you have received a leadership development grant or a Gathering scholarship within the last three (3) years, you are not eligible for a grant at this time. Voting representatives and current CCT members are not eligible to apply.