PW Amazing Heritage history exhibit kit, 2018 edition



The Amazing Heritage of Presbyterian Women History Exhibit Kit includes a wealth of information in several formats (pdf, PowerPoint, and video) to assist PWs in telling their PW story through displays and presentations. Newly updated for the 30th anniversary of Presbyterian Women (after reunification!), the 2018 kit includes updated history timelines and other printable display items as well as the “200 Years of Presbyterian Women” on DVD (with accompanying booklet). Use all or some of the pieces provided to build a history display for your church or presbytery. Highlights include a PowerPoint presentation on milestones of the journey toward ordination; a 30-year timeline that tells the recent 30-year-story of PW (as a standalone but the updates are also included in the larger timeline); signs to print featuring quotable quotes; an amazing facts document; and much, much more.