Upcoming Bible Studies

Download the order form to our upcoming Bible Study: Love Carved in Stone by Eugenia Anne Gamble; Suggestions for Leaders writer Joyce MacKichan Walker


At any given time, a number of PW/Horizons Bible studies are in the works! But it’s not just the author who’s working; it’s groups and individuals just like you too.

Whether you suggest an author field test a Bible study manuscript or encourage a group to use the study, the PW/Horizons Bible studies couldn’t happen without you.

Year, Title, Author, Suggestions for Leaders WriterSeeking Writers & Call for ProposalsField TestingPublished & Delivered
2019–2020, Ten Commandments by Eugenia Gamble; Suggestions for Leaders writer TBDMarch 2019
2020–2021, Reclaiming Lament by P. Lynn Miller; Suggestions for Leaders writer TBDMarch 2020
2021–2022, Women in Matthew's Genealogy of Jesus by Merryl Blair; Suggestions for Leaders writer TBDApply by May 2019 to field test August–December 2019.March 2021
2022–2023, Future StudyInvite a writer to submit a proposal. Apply by May 2020 to field test August–December 2020.March 2022

To learn more about our field testing process, click here.

To learn more about upcoming Bible studies, contact Betsy Ensign-George.

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