PW in the PC(USA), Inc. Board Nominations

The Search Committee is seeking nominations for Presbyterian Women’s churchwide Board of Directors (previously called the Churchwide Coordinating Team) for the 2021–2024 term. Candidates should have time and energy to participate, as well as a passion for PW’s ministry.

The positions being filled are:

  • Moderator
  • Vice Moderator for Justice and Peace Concerns
  • Vice Moderator for Mission Relationships
  • Secretary/Historian
  • Finance Committee Chair
  • Search Committee Moderator
  • Five Regional Search Committee Members
  • Leader Representing New Immigrant Women
  • Six Racial Equity Members-at-large—African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latin American, Korean American, Middle Eastern American, Native American
  • Two Young Women Representatives-at-large (under the age of 35)

Requirements for Serving on PW’s Board of Directors

In addition to supporting the PW Purpose and working well as team players, the following are general expectations for all board members.

  • Must be a member of a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation or a clergy member of a PC(USA) Presbytery.
  • Attend Board meetings as scheduled. Meetings may convene on weekdays and weekends. Meeting and travel expenses will be covered.
  • Participate in Board teleconference meetings as scheduled.
  • Be assigned to a committee which meets during Board meetings. Additional committee assignments may include committees which meet in person or teleconference between Board meetings.
  • Attend the PW Churchwide Business Meeting as an observer before the election and as a Voting Representative at the end of term.
  • May be asked to represent the Board at special events or conferences and submit a written report to the Board.
  • Check email at least every two days and expect two or more teleconference calls between Board meetings.
  • Board members (including members of the Search Committee) shall not succeed themselves and are ineligible for election to other positions on the Board for three years following completion of their term.

Some positions include additional duties and time requirements. (See the nomination form, PW, Inc. Bylaws or PW Manual: A Guide for Groups for additional duties and time requirements specific to each position or assignment.)

Download a nomination form.