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The Thank Offering is one of Presbyterian Women’s two offerings. Received in the fall each year, it gives women a tangible way to express their gratitude for the special blessings in their lives. Thank Offering grants range from $5,000 to $50,000. At least 40 percent of the offering funds health ministries.

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Thank Offering Resources

Promotional materials are mailed to each congregation, attn: PW/Women’s Group, in August. Order or download resources to promote and receive the Thank Offering.

Thank Offering Current Recipients

The Creative Ministries Offering Committee of Presbyterian Women reviewed 29 Thank Offering applications and selected 12 projects for funding this year. Nine of the projects serve people in the United States and three are international. In keeping with the Thank Offering bylaws, more than 40 percent of the selected projects are related to health ministries.


Synod of Alaska-Northwest
Presbytery of Olympia
Hagar’s Community Church
Tacoma, WA

Established in 2019, this new church development is planted inside the Washington Corrections Center for Women. The Thank Offering grant will help support incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women through Bible study, worship, pastoral care and prayer groups. This ministry seeks to empower women so they may seek their own spiritual connection to God, walk a path of healing, experience fellowship in a community of faith and learn a new sense of belonging in and out of the corrections center.

Synod of Living  Waters
Holston Presbytery
Holston Presbytery Camp and Retreat Center, Inc.
Nature Preschool
Banner Elk, NC

Avery County, North Carolina, is an area whose residents have a significant need for preschool and after-school programming. The rural, mountainous region offers few job opportunities beside the seasonal work for tourists. Therefore, many families are forced to find work “off the mountain,” which requires them to find suitable childcare. The Thank Offering grant will help provide working families with a quality and affordable option for their children. The Nature Preschool offers young ones transformational experiences of education, outdoor recreation, and spiritual refreshment.

Synod of Mid-Atlantic
Presbytery of Charlotte
Cooperative Christian Ministries
Operation Desert Drop
Concord, NC

Cooperative Christian Ministry helps move people from crisis to restoration by relieving hunger, keeping families together, addressing homelessness, teaching perseverance and restoring hope. Meeting their needs has become especially critical as countless families face food insecurity due to the pandemic. The Thank Offering grant will support Operation Desert Drop’s food desert outreach program that delivers food to families who lack reliable transportation and reside in high-need neighborhoods.

Synod of Mid-Atlantic
Salem Presbytery
Springwood Presbyterian Church
Kitchen Renovation
Whitsett, NC

Since their charter in 1868, the women of Springwood Presbyterian Church have engaged in a wide variety of mission activities. Today the women support outreach programs through Peacehaven Farm, a program for developmentally delayed adults, and their church playschool for preschoolers. With this much-needed kitchen renovation, the women can cook healthy snacks and meals for these adults and children as well as prepare family food boxes for hungry neighbors, provide large community dinners and maintain their supply of frozen meals for emergencies.

Synod of South Atlantic
Presbytery of Central Florida
Habitat for Humanity
Homeownership Mentoring
Orlando, FL

As the demand for affordable homes increases due to the economic impact of the pandemic, more families need help and encouragement to prepare them for homeownership. The Thank Offering grant will provide mentoring to 100 households in Greater Orlando and Osceola County, offering a rare opportunity for families to receive individual guidance to reduce debt, save money and improve their credit scores to become eligible to purchase a home.

Synod of South Atlantic
Presbytery of Greater Atlanta
Hope Harbor Ministries
Appliances for New Hope Harbor Facility
Warm Springs, GA

This one-year, residential program serves women who struggle with the destructive forces of addiction. A space for learning, gathering, and fundraising, the kitchen is particularly important for the residents. Each year they host a bake sale to purchase holiday gifts for their children and families, allowing them a chance to give back and mend broken relationships. The Thank Offering will purchase kitchen appliances for a new building to continue serving women as they find freedom from addiction and experience the healing hope of Christ.

Synod of South Atlantic
Foothills Presbytery
Cancer Association of Anderson
Cancer Patient Vehicle and Driver
Anderson, SC

The Cancer Association of Anderson provides financial and emotional assistance to local patients who are battling cancer. Having a vehicle will be a game-changer, offering safe and reliable options to patients with no available transportation for their cancer treatment-related appointments. This grant will also provide for a compassionate and knowledgeable driver who can offer a caring presence as well as assist patients with special needs.

Synod of the Southwest
Presbytery de Cristo
Frontera de Cristo
Enhancing Skills of At-Risk Children and Parenting Skills of Adults
Douglas, AZ, U.S.A., and and Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico

This program will support families with students who are in danger of dropping out of school and need supplemental support in one of the most impoverished communities of Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. The Thank Offering grant will create a safe, educational space and implement a program to strengthen the children’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual development. Parents enrolled in the program will receive training in food cultivation, nutritious cooking and conflict resolution.

Synod of The Sun
Presbytery of South Louisiana
Child Advocacy Services
Calming Corner and Sensory Center
Hammond, LA

Children’s Advocacy Center works to reduce trauma in children who disclose abusive incidents that require law enforcement and children protective services to become involved. The Thank Offering grant will provide elements that enhance the center’s environment, including a sensory wall with interactive tools, calming corner, custom seating in the waiting area and color changing mood tiles used as a guide through the center. The more engaging the atmosphere is for children, the more comfortable they feel in sharing their stories and beginning the process of recovery and healing.


Synod of the Covenant
Presbytery of Lake Michigan
First Presbyterian Church of Grand Haven
Sunday School and Day Care Center for Koinonia Ministries
Orange Walk, Belize

Koinonia Ministries has a mission to train and equip childcare workers to proclaim the love of God to new generations. In Belize, a single parent earns $75 to $90 per week but they must pay $35 per week for childcare. The Thank Offering grant will help complete a new building for a Sunday school that serves 125 children per week and a cost-free day care center that serves 50 children of single parents.

Synod of Alaska-Northwest
Presbytery of the Inland Northwest
Puerta Abierta (Open Door)
Libros Abiertos (Open Books)
Santiago, Guatemala

The Thank Offering grant will provide funding to reach 3,200 students through intensive support, training and professional development for Guatemalan teachers. This will increase reading literacy and educational success for mostly indigenous children living in areas where schools do not have books and resources. The program will also provide professional development opportunities for teachers across Guatemala, and will help build local leadership, facilitate onsite programs, and grow new teaching and learning sites.

Church of Central Africa Presbyterian – Synod of Zambia
Chasefu Presbytery
Chasefu Theological College
Female Hostel Construction
Chasefu, Zambia

The CCAP Synod of Zambia has many trained pastors but very few are women. Additionally, 12 of the synod’s 15 presbyteries are in rural areas where subsistence farming is the primary means of survival. The college has plans to train 24 female farmers each year, as well as increasing female pastoral students from one to five. The Thank Offering grant will help build a women’s hostel since current housing is available only to male students. The college administration hopes that with the new accommodations, more women will seek training, become leaders and help support fellow women, communities and families.

See a list of projects funded by the Thank Offering from 1988 through 2021.

Applying for a Thank Offering Grant

Grant requests come from a variety of national and international sources, such as PC(USA) governing bodies, health agencies, overseas churches, ecumenical councils, community groups, educational institutions and church-related groups.

Projects must meet the criteria outlined in the grant application.

To ask a question or to learn more about the Thank Offering, contact Cheri Harper.

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