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Presbyterian Women provides an atmosphere that promotes personal growth and develops women’s gifts of responsible and visionary leadership. Empowered to serve PW, many women also go on to lead in their churches, communities and the denomination.

For some of us, the title “leader” seems like a perfect fit; for others, it seems like an overly bold proclamation of skills. Yet, in reality, each of us is a leader in some way—perhaps by delegating chores to family members, organizing the church rummage sale, monitoring a PW group’s finances or meeting attendance, or coordinating a mission project.

  • Each of us bring our own unique gifts to every task we do! The following questions will guide you as you assess your gifts and prepare for your next PW project:
  • Do you set the purpose for the event and work purposefully?
  • Do you prepare and execute a plan?
  • Do you care about the well-being of everyone coming to the event?
  • Does your plan take into account the diverse needs of the people you’ll be serving and/or ministering to?
  • Do you prepare a budget based on your assessment of needs?
  • Do you communicate?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Do you delegate?

Feel free to include even more questions to consider—particularly those that speak to your particular leadership gifts. And remember your unique and worthy gifts the next time you discuss leadership or find yourself in a position of influence.

Tools for Leaders

Presbyterian Women Churchwide offers a number of resources and programs to help leaders.
      • Position training
      • Event planning
      • Leadership for a changing church
      • Cultural humility and leadership
      • Leadership development grants
      • Treasurers’ resources


To ask a question or to learn more about Developing Leaders, contact Susan Jackson Dowd.


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