Presbyterian Women Churchwide

“PW Churchwide” can mean two things: (1) the triennial Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women, a multiday event and celebration open to all Presbyterian women, whether seasoned PW or women interested in learning more about PW, or (2) the Churchwide Coordinating Team (CCT), PW’s national board of directors—the group of leaders who have primary responsibility for the ongoing life of PW; the CCT serves as the administrative body for PW between Churchwide Gatherings. PW’s Churchwide Coordinating Team meets twice a year, usually spring and fall.

The Churchwide Coordinating Team includes the following positions:
      • moderator
      • vice moderator for mission relationships
      • vice moderator for justice and peace concerns
      • secretary/historian
      • Finance Committee chair
      • moderator of the Search Committee
      • six racial ethnic members at large
      • representatives of PW in the Synods
      • up to six young women representatives
      • one leader representing new immigrant women
      • one representative from the Presbyterian Mission Agency Board (PMAB)
      • moderator from previous triennium (ex officio, serves one year)
      • PW, Inc., executive director (ex officio, voice but no vote)

The slate of nominees is voted at the triennial business meeting (typically held in conjunction with PW’s triennial Churchwide Gathering). (Fun fact: It’s been this way since the first PW Gathering in 1988, held in West Lafayette, Indiana, at Purdue University! That’s the Gathering where Cleda Locey was elected to serve as PW’s first Churchwide moderator.)

Meet the CCT.

To ask a question or to learn more about Presbyterian Woman Churchwide, contact Susan Jackson Dowd.