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Every three years, a group of Presbyterian Women travels within the United States to connect concerns raised by past Global Exchanges  with similar issues in the United States. With local mission projects as partners, the participants combine education with hands-on ministry during the weeklong trip. Participants encounter challenges to God’s promise of a beloved community and witness the faithful responses of Christians living and working in difficult situations.

For two years following the trip, participants are available to share their experiences in their synods and raise awareness of the ways people of faith confront the issues that divide us. Participants of the 2016 USA Mission Experience to San Francisco Bay Area are currently itinerating. Contact your PW in the Synod moderator or Kathy Reeves for the name of the participant from your synod. Read the January/February 2017 issue of Horizons to learn more about the 2016 USA Mission Experience.

2019 USA Mission Experience to Finger Lakes Region, New York

Standing on the shoulders of empowered women
A group of Presbyterian women will travel to the Finger Lakes Region of New York, July 12–22, 2019, for PW’s fifth USA Mission Experience. They will explore the rich history that Presbyterian women have in the women’s and civil rights movements. These women will also have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and about  the people of the Finger Lakes Region, including migrant workers and Native Americans.

Highlights of the journey will include a day in Seneca Falls at the Women’s Convention at the National Women’s Hall of Fame; a visit to the Susan B. Anthony home; and a visit to the Harriet Tubman House. The USA Mission Experience equips women with an understanding of the region’s history and culture, the existing ministry of the church there and the challenges faced by women and children living in the area. Participants serve as ambassadors for the region during two years of itineration following the experience.

Apply now to join the 2019 USA Mission Experience to the Finger Lakes Region. Applications and reference forms must be submitted to PW in the Synod moderators by August 15, 2018.

To ask a question or to learn more about the USA Mission Experience, contact Kathy Reeves.

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