Event Planning

Here’s a checklist to help you plan and resource your PW gathering.

If you are ordering items to make available for sale at a PW gathering, call Presbyterian Distribution Service (800/524-2612) and let the representative know that the resources are for a PW group. You will have 30 days to return unsold items and payment for sold items. Your gathering planning team may decide to offer the items at a dollar or two more than list price in order to help with shipping costs. Download the most current PW/Horizons resource catalog here to see in one place the many PW and Horizons items that are available for purchase or consignment.

Don’t forget to order or download the following:
      • Promotional items and speaker recognition gifts
             • Resource catalogs
             • Giveaways
             • Sale items
             • New resources
      • Horizons Bible studies and related promotional and supplemental materials
      • Horizons subscription brochures
      • Envelopes and resources to promote PW’s Annual Fund (previously known as the Mission Pledge)
      • Information on Presbyterian Women’s current mission and justice and peace initiatives
      • Birthday and/or Thank Offering material
      • Information and registration forms for denominational or PW in the Presbytery, Synod or Churchwide events

Honorarium guidelines

If you’ve invited an individual to lead a workshop, speak, lead worship or provide other leadership for your event, consider thanking her or him by providing an honorarium. Click here for helpful guidelines for giving an honorarium.

Hymn Permissions

If your event includes singing hymns, you must ensure that your use of the hymns is fair and legal. If your group or event location has access to a sufficient number of hymnals that each participant may have one or comfortably share with those near her, you do not need to seek permission. However, if you in any way reproduce a hymn or elements of it, you are required to seek permission from the copyright holder(s) of the hymn. Use of words and/or music in the following ways all constitute situations that obligate seeking permissions:
      • Photocopies
      • Inclusion in bulletin or worship aid
      • Projection onto a screen.

Learn how to obtain permission to use hymns.


To ask a question or to learn more about Event Planning, contact Carissa Herold.

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