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The Birthday Offering is one of Presbyterian Women’s two offerings. Received in the spring each year, it gives women a tangible way to celebrate the blessings in their lives. The Birthday Offering funds up to five projects each year, in amounts of $75,000 to $150,000 each.

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Birthday Offering Resources

Promotional materials are mailed to Presbyterian Women leaders in February each year.

The packet and a number of other resources are available to help you promote the Birthday Offering.

2023 Birthday Offering Recipients

Making Miracles Group Home
Phase II Group Home, Tallahassee, Florida

Making Miracles Group Home (MMGH) helps young mothers break the cycle of abusive relationships, addiction, incarceration and early motherhood—a repeating pattern that is difficult to break and overcome. Since its inception in 2010, MMGH has served over 100 women and their children by providing a one-year, live-in program designed to support young mothers and help them develop skills to live independently and care for their children.

Current eligibility criteria require residents to be pregnant and/or have a single child up to age three, but mothers who have a single child older than age three or multiple children often seek help. With the Birthday Offering grant, MMGH will purchase a second group home to serve an additional five families who are at risk of experiencing homelessness. With loving support and tools to establish stable, permanent housing, these families can look forward to a hopeful and successful future.

Berhane Yesus Elementary School
Kindergarten School Construction

Berhane Yesus Elementary School, located in the western highlands of Ethiopia, seeks to change lives by sharing the “Light of Jesus” and by providing the best possible educational experience for the children of Dembi Dollo. Berhane Yesus provides children with the possibility of a better future by preparing them for a rigorous high school education and a life of Christian service. The school is the first entry point to education for children of subsistence farmers, migrant workers and displaced groups of people.

This K-8th grade school has been serving the community and been a part of the Presbyterian Church in this rural community since 1921. A kindergarten was added to the school in 2012, but with no available space for class, the children met in the chapel. Over the years the number of kindergarten students has increased and now space of their own is not only needed but is required by the government to remain open. Western Wollega Bethel Synod provided land for the classroom and the Birthday Offering grant will provide all necessary funding for its construction.

Click here to see the promotional video on the Presbyterian Women YouTube channel

Applying for a Birthday Offering Grant

Grant requests come from a variety of national and international sources, such as PC(USA) governing bodies, health agencies, overseas churches, ecumenical councils, community groups, educational institutions, and church-related groups.

Please note: The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected the Birthday Offering application process. The deadline for submission remains May 15, and materials should be sent to the PW offices in Louisville, KY, as directed in the application packet.

Projects must meet the criteria outlined in the grant application.


Learn about giving to the Birthday Offering or applying for a Birthday Offering grant by contacting Cheri Harper.

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