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“Nurturing our faith through prayer and Bible study” is the first point of our Purpose, and the reason for this priority is clear! As Presbyterian Women, we affirm the PC(USA)’s position that scripture is the written word of God, guiding and inspiring us, individually and collectively. Put another way, nurturing our faith is key to discerning how God through the Holy Spirit would like for us to be (and act) in this world.

Presbyterian Women is a community of believers; and together we study the same Bible study each year—the annual PW/Horizons Bible study! Click here to learn more about our annual Bible study.

For those times when you or your circle are searching for another topic to study (during the summer, at a weekend retreat or for personal study), encore Horizons studies remain available. And the resource Practicing Radical Hospitality: Exploring Difference, Change and Leadership Through the Spiritual Discipline of Hospitality by Teresa Chavez Sauceda is a multisession study to help us learn and grow in our desire to practice radical hospitality in our ever-changing, diverse world.

In addition to these resources, Presbyterian Women nurtures faith by participating in ecumenical movements.

World Day of Prayer  is a global, ecumenical movement of Christian women from more than 170 countries and regions who together pray and act for peace and justice each year on a day set aside for that purpose.

Fellowship of the Least Coin is a global, ecumenical prayer movement that invites women to pray for peace and reconciliation and to set aside the least coin of their country as a symbol of that prayer.

You can honor women (or men!) who have been instrumental to your faith journey or the life of your church or PW group with an Honorary Life Membership or Memorial or Recognition Gift.


To ask a question or to learn more about Nurture Faith, contact Susan Jackson Dowd.


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