Leadership Development Grants

The Leadership Development Grant Program supports women in full participation and growth in the life and mission of Presbyterian Women and the church, which in turn strengthens the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Who is eligible to receive grants?

Any woman who is active in the PC(USA) and wishes to participate in the work of Presbyterian Women for personal leadership development is eligible for a grant. Applicants must not have received a grant from Presbyterian Women within the last 36 months, and must have complied with the terms of fulfilling or closing prior grants from Presbyterian Women.

For what purposes will funding be granted?

Grants will be awarded to assist Presbyterian women in developing and strengthening leadership skills through participation in leadership education events, including conferences.

How much funding will be given?

The amount of each grant will depend on the request, up to a $500 maximum for general applications. (Event-specific grant applications, such as for the Commission on the Status of Women, may be higher.) Most grants are reimbursable, payable after receipt of approved related and paid, receipted expenses.

Are there grants available for the Commission on the Status of Women?

Yes! Grants up to $2,000 are available for young women (ages 18–30). Apply as early as possible! Download and complete the grant application specifically for young women’s CSW attendance.

The $500 leadership development grants are also available as a possible funding source for all women in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) attending this event.

How do I apply for a grant?

Download and complete an application form for a PW leadership development grant or the grant application specifically for young women attending the Commission on the Status of Women.

Email the completed application form with the three required letters of endorsement to Rhonda Martin, PW Finance Manager, at rhonda.martin@pcusa.org.

Completed applications must be received in the office of Presbyterian Women 90 days prior to need. Applications for specific events have their own deadlines.

The PW office forwards applications to the Leadership Development Grant Committee for a decision. The committee notifies the office of its decision. Approved applications are processed for disbursement.

Each recipient of a PW leadership development grant is required to submit a report of their experience of the event that they attend or plan, or the project they complete.

To ask a question or to learn more about Leadership Development Grants, contact Rhonda Martin.