Presbyterian Women Groups

Presbyterian Women’s groups are organized at all levels of the denomination—congregation, presbytery (made up of several churches in an area), synod (made of up several presbyteries) and churchwide (national). You can participate at one level, all levels or somewhere in between!

For most women, participation in Presbyterian Women starts in the congregation. Like the connectional structure of the church, the PW in the Congregation has representation and contact with the PW in the Presbytery; the PW in the Presbytery relates to PW in the Synod; and the PW in the Synod relates to PW Churchwide. Information and programming moves in all directions throughout the structure, with local and regional work impacting national work and national work informing regional and local work. Presbyterian Women is connected and connectional—there is a lot of good work happening in PW all of the time, from the mission of a local church in Boise to the fulfillment of a Thank Offering grant in Sudan!

Think Again about Presbyterian Women! A series of light-hearted, happily serious posters help show the range of what it means to be Presbyterian Women. This (gentle) educational campaign challenges everyone to rethink what it means to be a part of Presbyterian Women.

To ask a question or to learn more about Presbyterian Woman Groups, contact Susan Jackson Dowd.