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Every three years, a group of Presbyterian Women travels to another part of the world to learn about the lives of women in that part of the world and to share faith stories and ministries with each other. It is an exchange because, the following year, a group of women from the same part of the world is invited to attend the Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women to tell their stories to their North American sisters. Topics raised during Global Exchanges also inform the emphases of USA Mission Experiences.

2017 Global Exchange to Indonesia

Building Bridges of Understanding
The 2017 Global Exchange will take a group of U.S. Presbyterian women to Indonesia, September 12–29, 2017. Guided by Romans 1:12 (“. . . so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine”), participants will learn how to live respectfully in a multifaith culture and encourage and accompany one another as together they seek a more peaceful and just world.

This fact-finding, relationship-building trip will include one woman from each synod, who, for the two years following the exchange, will share what she experienced with her synod. The January/February 2018 issue of Horizons will detail the trip and Indonesian women will complete the “exchange” part of the trip by attending the 2018 PW Gathering!


To ask a question or to learn more about Global Exchange, contact Kathy Reeves.

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