Our Impact

Presbyterian Women makes a difference in the lives of so many.

Presbyterian Women’s groups have been a source of inspiration, growth and encouragement for women all over the country (even the world!) for almost 30 years (or close to 200 years if you count PW’s predecessor organizations)! These caring communities of women, organized at all levels of the church, have been instrumental in developing new leaders, inspiring mission, and deepening the faith journeys for so many.

Put another way, participating in Presbyterian Women has blessed the lives of countless individual Presbyterian women and beyond. Won’t you join us so your life can be forever changed?
Read stories of individuals reflecting on how PW has enriched their lives.

PW is a celebrated partner and integral part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Presbyterian Women strengthens the ministry of the church and expands its boundaries, pushing for wholeness and welcome for all people. PW in the Congregations, Presbyteries and Synods identify mission partners and give generously of time, talent and treasure to help these partners thrive.
Read stories of PW groups who have changed lives by supporting local or regional programs. 

Because Presbyterian Women give so generously, a number of PW’s national programs offer financial support to dozens of programs and ministries each year. The Birthday and Thank Offerings and Mission Pledge (PW’s annual fund) make possible work and opportunities that improve the lives of women and families the world over.
Read stories of organizations and programs supported by Presbyterian Women’s generosity.

Tell your PW story! What has Presbyterian Women meant to you as an individual? How has Presbyterian Women made a difference in your community? Tell us your story.


To ask a question or to learn more about our impact, contact Susan Jackson Dowd.