PW’s Annual Fund (Mission Pledge)

Gifts to the PW’s Annual Fund (the Mission Pledge) make possible the ongoing mission and ministry of Presbyterian Women—from your circle meeting on Tuesdays to the triennial Churchwide Gathering of Presbyterian Women. Your gift enables Presbyterian Women to strengthen the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in the U.S. and around the world.

hearts rising from figure in PW logo. "PW Gives Day, July 31, 2021" is written in lower rightOn July 31 each year, Presbyterian Women celebrate PW Gives Day. On that day and the days leading up to it, individual Presbyterian Women share stories of why they give, who introduced them to PW, and why they love the organization, giving gifts in celebration of all PW has brought to their lives and the lives of others. Make a gift to celebrate PW Gives Day.

The Annual Fund helps support the denomination’s evangelism, church planting, education and justice work as well as ministry to children, youth, older adults, new immigrants, rural, urban and suburban populations across the United States and around the world. The Annual Fund also makes possible PW in the Congregation, Presbytery, Synod and Churchwide, as well as PW’s programs, resources, events and much more. The USA Mission Experience, Horizons magazine and Bible study, the Global Exchange, justice work and so much more could not happen without your financial support. Your gift to PW’s Annual Fund (the Mission Pledge) ensures that this caring community of women can continue its witness to the promise of God’s kingdom.

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Individuals may also give by phone or check.

Download information for treasurers for the 2021 Annual Fund.

Learn best practices for how PW in the Congregations promote, collect and remit gifts to the annual fund.

Learn best practices for how PW in the Presbyteries promote, collect and remit gifts to the annual fund.

While PW in the Congregations and Presbyteries do the vital work of collecting and forwarding annual fund gifts, PW in the Synods can encourage support of the annual fund by educating women (and men!) about all that PW has accomplished.

To ask a question or to learn more about PW’s annual fund (Mission Pledge), contact Rhonda Martin.