PW in the Presbytery’s Annual Fund Checklist

Individual Presbyterian Women make commitments to PW’s Annual Fund (Mission Pledge) each fall. The following year, PW in the Congregation collects the gifts pledged in the congregation and forwards them to PW in the Presbytery, who remits the money to Presbyterian Women Churchwide. Here are some best practices and helpful resources for promoting, collecting and remitting gifts to PW’s Annual Fund. 

The traditional Annual Fund packet has been split into two separate resources—one resource specific to treasurers needs (deadlines, procedures and forms) and an Annual Fund Promotional Resource for everyone that tells the story of all the Annual Fund makes possible.

PW in the Presbyteries Annual Fund checklist

Each Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery group will have one person responsible for PW’s Annual Fund. This may be the moderator, treasurer and/or Celebration Giving representative, depending on the model used by your presbytery. That person should do the following to promote and collect gifts to the Annual Fund.

In 2021,

1. Send each treasurer of PW in the Congregation a copy of the 2022 Annual Fund, Information for Treasurers, noting deadlines and describing the process for your PW in the Presbytery. Let them know that in mid-October 2021, a separate 2022 Annual Fund Promotional Resource was mailed to all congregations (addressed to PW/Women’s Group) and to PW in the Presbytery and Synod moderators and treasurers. This piece will show all that the Annual Fund makes possible.

2. Watch for the Annual Fund Promotional Resource, mailing in October 2021, and check to make sure groups and leaders receive it. Additional copies may be downloaded or ordered.

3. When PWC pledge forms are submitted, review them and compile a list of each PW in the Congregation group, the amount pledged by each group and the total of all pledges.

4. Record the total on the PWP pledge form and attach the list of PWCs pledging. Download the PW in the Presbytery pledge form.

Keep a copy for yourself and send copies by December 3, 2021, to the

  • Treasurer of PW in the Presbytery
  • Moderator of PW in the Synod
  • PW Business Office, 100 Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY 40202-1396

In 2022

5. Send quarterly pledges from congregations in your presbytery to Presbyterian Women Churchwide (with the PW in the Presbytery Remittance form). Pledges should be mailed by March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15.

Download a remittance form for PW in the Presbytery.

To ask a question or to learn more about PW’s Annual Fund (Mission Pledge), contact Rhonda Martin