Together in Service/Mission Opportunities

Presbyterian Women answer the call to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Whether it’s by picking up knitting needles to create a blanket for a child in need or picking up a crowbar to participate in disaster recovery work, Presbyterian Women get to work when there’s a need.

Together in Service is a loosely defined mission program; it’s everything that Presbyterian Women does for mission. To be Together in Service, some PW groups offer ongoing support to local church or community projects. Other groups commit to answering short-term needs in their communities. Still other groups provide goods, labor or financial support for Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission work or one of Presbyterian Women’s affiliates.

Together in Service: Disaster Recovery with PW in Puerto Rico

During the 2018–2021 triennium, Together in Service will focus on supporting PW in the Synod of Puerto Rico’s recovery work in the aftermath of Hurricane María. Immediately after the storm, PW in the Synod of Puerto Rico quickly mobilized to serve their communities and churches. Now they are part of the transition to long term recovery. Though the island’s infrastructure is unstable and the devastation can be overwhelming, Presbyterian Women in Puerto Rico have a strong desire to help their community develop the tools for resilience, recovery, and reconstruction.

Through this Together in Service project, Presbyterian Women from every synod can offer support to the PW in the Synod of Puerto Rico. Financial gifts will be used for recovery efforts in three key areas: water supply, community building and home reconstruction.

Give to Together in Service with PW in Puerto Rico.

Other Together in Service Opportunities

Consider the following types of mission work for you or your PW group:
      • Making or purchasing items and sending them where needed
      • Donating money to fund mission initiatives—a local program or a Together in Service project
      • Supporting existing denominational and ecumenical programs
      • Providing mission interpretation and education to the whole church
      • Developing personal relationships with mission co-workers

Or let the following programs inspire your hands-on mission:

PW programs:
      • Mission Pledge
      • Hands-on Mission Tours
      • Birthday Offering and Thank Offering
      • Global Exchange
      • U.S.A. Mission Experience

PC(USA) programs:
      • Presbyterian Hunger Program
      • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
      • Enough for Everyone
      • Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
      • Educate a Child, Transform the World

Ecumenical programs:
      • Little Dresses for Africa
      • Knitting4Peace
      • Days for Girls
      • Fellowship of the Least Coin
      • Heifer Project International
      • Habitat for Humanity
      • Bread for the World
      • IMA World Health
      • Church World Service


To ask a question or learn more about Together in Service, contact Cheri Harper.

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