2018 PW annual fund materials mailed to every congregation

August 14, 2017
basket of bountiful harvest
2018 Mission Pledge packet

The Mission Pledge is PW’s annual fund, and does the very heavy lifting of supporting the many ministries of Presbyterian Women, the organization. PW is only made possible because individual Presbyterian Women make it possible. Please give (and encourage giving) in circles and outside circles. Please give (and encourage giving) in honor or memory of someone special. Please give (and encourage giving) for those times when your heart breaks in joy and gratitude, and even out of the pain that comes from not yet living in a world free of injustice. Please give (and encourage giving) by making PW a part of your estate plans. PW is made possible by gifts given in love. Love grows by giving, indeed.

Send your individual (that is, over and above your circle) gifts to Presbyterian Women, Inc., Remittance Processing—Giving, PO Box 643652, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3652, or give online (recurring gifts are a possibility, too). Planning an estate or trust? Contact Presbyterian Women at 844/797-2872, ext. 5596.