Shanti Means Peace: The Story of the Fellowship of the Least Coin



By Anna Bedford
Illustrations by Shelly Hehenberger

This whimsical tale of the founding of the Fellowship of the Least Coin is told through the eyes of a girl from India who finds a nearly worthless coin and, by spinning it in her hand, is able to visit places and people touched by the Least Coin prayer movement. She finds that the Fellowship of the Least Coin, begun by women from several countries more than a hundred years before, has changed forever the lives of those who have received prayers and “least coins” from women all over the world. This truly beautiful, award-winning book is a wonderfully told story on its own, and a lovely way to introduce this international prayer movement for children of all ages (and adults too)! (Religion Communicators Council gave this book an award of excellence for design in 2015).