Together in Service

Together in Service, formerly known as Mission Opportunities, is one way that Presbyterian Women supports mission. In addition to undertaking self-selected mission projects, you can also be “Together in Service” through financial gifts. The generous giving of Presbyterian Women to Together in Service funds mission initiatives such as health care, education, reconciliation and healing, poverty relief and more, as well as support for existing denominational and ecumenical programs.

Disaster Recovery with PW in Puerto Rico

Consider directing your Together in Service gift to support Hurricane María recovery work being led by Presbyterian Women in Puerto Rico. PW in the Synod of Puerto Rico are key leaders of recovery efforts in the aftermath of this devastating storm. From the beginning, women have taken up the task of serving their communities and now they are part of the transition to long term recovery.

Your gift to Together in Service in Puerto Rico will support ongoing recovery efforts in three key areas:

  • Community Centers
    This project will to establish after-school support through music, sports, homework help and other child-centered activities. The purpose of these activities is to shift community activity towards the Presbyterian churches across the Synod of Puerto Rico. Establishing a children’s community program will provide space for recreational activities to take place, allowing children to develop the resilience and social skills that are needed, particularly in the context of the aftermath of the storm.
  • Clean Water
    This project will help make possible the installation of a clean water system in the First Presbyterian Church in Aguada, Puerto Rico. The well, which will be drilled at the church, and clean water systems will provide access to potable water to thousands in the municipality of Aguada. This project will be installed through the non-profit Fountains of Hope and operated through the Presbyterian Church in Aguada. The estimated cost is set at $6,000  for an installed water purifying system.
  • Home Reconstruction
    Funds from this project will be used for construction materials and equipment used by churches and mission teams coming into the Northwest Presbytery, the largest presbytery of the Synod of Puerto Rico. Teams will repair and rebuild homes that have not been restored through federal assistance. Such repairs include paint, roof sealers, doors, windows and other home necessities. Homes will be selected based on financial need and the living condition of the home. The maximum amount to be assigned to an individual home will not exceed $5,000.

Give to “Together in Service Project: Disaster Recovery with PW in Puerto Rico.”

Download a flier about Together in Service in Puerto Rico.

Other Together in Service Projects, identified during previous Global Exchanges and USA Mission Experiences, are also available to fund:

  • On Eagle’s Wings Ministries
    On Eagle’s Wings offers free, Christ-centered support to individuals caught in the web of sex trafficking. They also have an online call center and continue to learn how to reach out to those in need.
  • Sunset Gap Community Center
    Sunset Gap is a “Christian-based organization uniting people of all faiths and providing programs that contribute to the physical, social, economic and spiritual growth of the people of Cocke and Sevier counties” in Tennessee. Coordinating home repairs, a thrift shop, food pantry and meal delivery program, Sunset Gap enhances the well-being of people in an impoverished area of Appalachia.
  • Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition
    Ending human trafficking will require building awareness and coordinating efforts in every community. San Francisco’s Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coaltion (BAATC) works to achieve a slave-free by coordinating the intervention, aftercare and prevention services in the community.
  • Puente Community Resource Center
    Puente is the only community resource center in south San Mateo County, California. This area’s farms employ many immigrant workers who cannot easily access social services. Puente offers programs in health and wellness, adult education, leadership development and employment, in addition to providing emergency resources for rent, utilities, clothing and toiletries.
  • Ciliwung Community Center
    This community center provides women in Jakarta with the opportunity to learn about nutrition, get support for their families and learn skills that will be a source of income. The center also houses a kindergarten and library.
  • The Suwung School and Clinic
    Sorting and recycling items from garbage dumps is a source of income for a number of residents of Bali’s capital, Denpasar. The Protestant Reformed Church in Western Indonesia (GPIB) supports these individuals and their children with a school and medical clinic in the garbage dump.

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Individuals may also give by phone or online. 

Presbyterian Women in the Congregation groups should forward Together in Service gifts to the PW in the Presbytery treasurer according to the quarterly deadlines:

  • March 10
  • June 10
  • September 10
  • December 10

Download a remittance form for PW in the Congregations.

If you need contact information for your PW in the Presbytery treasurer, contact Presbyterian Women.

PW in the Presbytery treasurers should forward Together in Service gifts received from congregations to Presbyterian Women Churchwide (with the PW in the Presbytery Remittance form) according to the quarterly deadlines:

  • March 15
  • June 15
  • September 15
  • December 15

Download a remittance form for PW in the Presbytery.

To ask a question or to learn more about the Together in Service, contact Rhonda Martin.