Presbyterian Women Essentials: A Guide for PW Groups (2023 edition – download only)



There are as many ways to live out the PW Purpose as there are Presbyterian women to live it. PW Essentials, PW’s newest downloadable resource, provides a framework to help answer the question, “How do you PW?” The world gives us choices for how to live and serve, Presbyterian Women gives women of faith opportunities to explore these choices as we come together for discussion, discernment, and creating bonds of community, compassion, and love.

PW Essentials encourages faithful flexibility with leader support for mission (PW Purpose), structure of PW, relationships, giving, mission, and more! PW in the Congregation will appreciate pages that explore PWC’s relationship to the session. (PW treasurers and Celebration Giving representatives, the PW Manual: A Guide for Treasurers is also available as a free download.)

So, how do you PW?

Download PW Essentials here!

Download Esenciales para las Mujeres Presbiterianas