Sacred Encounters—Audio Edition



2023–2024 PW/Horizons Bible study

By Olive Mahabir with Suggestions for Leaders by Wilma Angélica Quiñonez Cubero

The downloadable audio edition of Sacred Encounters: The Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in Luke-Acts is particularly helpful for anyone with sight impairments, and can make travel or exercise time more fruitful for most anyone. Lightly abridged (no Suggestions for Leaders). Click here for a PDF download of the track listing. The audio edition is available as a download only.

All editions and supplements, as well as other related materials (promotional poster, pendant/charm, and workshop for leaders), are also available. Additional resources are published in Horizons magazine, beginning with the Summer issue. To subscribe, click or call 866/802-3635.

Note: Downloadable materials are not refundable.