Horizons: March/April 2016

<i>Horizons</i>: March/April 2016

Horizons focuses on many social justice issues—access to education, violence, human trafficking, environmental degradation, and more. In exploring these topics, we’ve consistently learned that women, particularly women of color, disproportionately suffer under these injustices. Thankfully, there’s something else women have: grit. Consider Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta and Malala Yousafzai, to name just a few. These women refused to tolerate injustice, refused to accept the status quo. This issue celebrates women and the way women faithfully engage the world.

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A Pastor Walks Into a Church . . . And the Pastor’s a Woman!
Fairfax Fair reflects on her path in ministry, discussing ways that her gender blocked or assisted her as she looked at seminaries and followed her call to congregational ministry.

Being PW: Celebrating and Expanding Presbyterian Women
Carol Winkler, 2015–2018 PW Churchwide moderator, shares the many forms that engagement with Presbyterian Women can take. She passes along reflections from women who have varied connections to the organization, but who all have a shared dedication to it.

Welcomed to the Table
Rebecca Davis describes her early experiences with theological discussions and highlights several theological approaches that have arisen from women’s unique engagement with the gospel and the world.

Painting Holy Women Icons
Inspired by traditional iconography, Angela Yarber paints and reflects on the lives of holy women whose faithful witness shapes our faith today. Enjoy learning about some rarely discussed women and pick up your colored pencils for a coloring page Angela created to honor Mary.

PW Resources

2015 Honorary Life Membership Recipients

Installation Service for Presbyterian Women
Together Through Thick and Thin
Magdalena I. García

Bible Study Resource
Irene Pak offers a reflection and questions for use in studying Lesson Nine of the 2015–2016 Horizons Bible study, Come to the Waters, by Judy Record Fletcher.


Celebrating History-Makers, Celebrating Strength in God
Cecilia Amorocho Hickerson

Unpacking the Theme: Scripture Study
Celebrating Women, Faith and Faithful Women
Mihee Kim-Kort

Stories from the Ages
The Importance of Marys and Marthas
Hillary Moses Mohaupt

Supporting Mission
India’s Kynthei Tailoring and Weaving Training Centre

Working for Justice and Peace
Literacy and Justice for Children
Yvonne Hileman

What One PW Is Doing
Harms Elementary in Detroit Welcomes Tutors
Pamela A. Frucci

Building Community
Rebuilding a Community
Carol Gruber

Pages Worth Turning

News and Information About Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

After the Offering
Community of St. Therese of Lisieux
Sandra Ferrell and Bonnie Blair

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