Horizons: November/December 2022

Horizons: November/December 2022

November/December 2022
Nurturing God’s Children

Mom, which high school do you want me to go to?”

Surprised that my then-10-year-old—who excelled at living in the moment—was thinking multiple years into the future, it took me a minute to orient myself to this conversation. In my silence, he explained that as he and his fifth-grade classmates were discussing where they would attend middle school the following year, a number of his classmates had not just school plans in mind, but career paths. He named professions and educational tracks, enrichment plans and extracurricular activities that his friends learned of through their parents or older siblings.

“I want you to go to the school that feels right to you,” I finally managed to respond. That answer apparently struck him as noncommittal or vague because he said, “But what do you want for me, really?”

Reader, my heart went to my throat. How can you sum up what you want for your child, indeed for anyone, you love dearly? “All of the good and none of the bad” might have sufficed as an answer when he was a toddler, but he’s old enough to recognize how much of life floats somewhere in between those extremes. And that the “bad” gives depth and strength to the “good,” making it better.

Since that day, I’ve answered in bits and pieces about what I want for him. Not surprisingly, the most encompassing visions of that come from scripture, from stories that show God caring for and nurturing God’s children—the ultimate parenting and interpersonal relationships book, if you will! The Bible shows us generations of people whom God loved, called and equipped to bring about wholeness for others and share the good news of Jesus Christ. We recognize God’s eternal love, that we are and always will be forgiven, that we—each and every one of us—are uniquely and wonderfully made, that we all serve a purpose in making the world a better place, that we deserve rest and joy, that relationships and community can give us strength, and that what God wants for us is more than we could ever dream of for ourselves.

—Sharon Dunne Gillies, Managing Editor


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