Into the Light Laments

“Creating laments is an important part of the study. The goal of the study is not only to learn about lament but to help us reclaim lament as a practice. This means we should be creating new laments that speak to the issues and needs closest to our own hearts today. You may want to get a notebook or have another way to collect the laments you create over the course of the study. You will decide what issues and needs are important to you. Your creations need not be perfect or even excellent. What they do need to be is authentic—arising in your heart from your concerns and your faith in God.” (Into the Light, p.6)

We thank the study groups and individuals who have shared their laments with us. If you would like to share yours please send them to or

Sapphire Circle, The Stone Church of Willow Glen, San José, California

Grace Presbyterian Women, Bartlett, Tennessee